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Profitable Prep: Priming Your Home for a Quick and Lucrative Sale

So, you’ve got your eyes set on selling your home in 2024? Now’s a fantastic time to roll up your sleeves and start prepping. A sprinkle of preparation today could translate into a flurry of extra dollars in your pocket tomorrow. And who doesn’t want that? Especially when it comes to the real estate market, a little know-how can go a long way. But what exactly gets those dollar signs rolling? According to some fresh data from Zillow, there are certain home features that can significantly jazz up the value of your home and have buyers scurrying to your doorstep faster. Without further ado, let’s unravel the magic behind these features and how they could be your ticket to a swifter, more lucrative home sale.


1. Kitchen Mastery: Culinary Spaces that Woo Buyers The kitchen is more than a culinary haven; it’s a cornerstone of modern living. Equipping your kitchen with top-tier features can significantly enhance its appeal and, by extension, your home’s value.

  • Steam Oven: Boosts home value by 5.3%. It’s not just an appliance; it’s a health-conscious choice resonating with modern-day buyers.
  • Pizza Oven: Upscales home value by 3.7%, infusing a touch of gourmet luxury.
  • Professional Appliances: Escalates home value by 3.6%, epitomizing a blend of form and functionality.

2. Aesthetic Allure: Materials that Speak Volumes The materials you choose are a silent yet powerful testament to quality and aesthetic appeal. Opting for materials that are not only durable but exude elegance can be a game-changer.

  • Terrazzo: Enhances home value by 2.6%, embodying timeless elegance.
  • Soapstone: Increases home value by 2.5% and accelerates sale by 3.8 days, a testament to its timeless appeal.
  • Quartz: Boosts home value by 2.4%, offering a modern, sleek look.

3. Design Diaries: Architectural Styles that Resonate Every architectural style narrates a unique story. Choosing a style that resonates with contemporary trends can be pivotal.

  • Modern Farmhouse: Elevates home value by 2.4%, encapsulating a blend of rustic charm and modern simplicity.
  • Mid-century: Augments home value by 2.3% and quickens sale by 2.8 days, embodying timeless elegance.

4. Safety and Security: Fortifying Your Fortress In a world where safety is paramount, features that provide peace of mind are invaluable.

  • Hurricane/Storm Shutters: Heightens home value by 2.3%, providing a tangible shield against nature’s fury.

5. Smart and Secure: Tech-Savvy Features that Seal the Deal Embracing smart technology not only simplifies living but can significantly accelerate your home’s sale.

  • Doorbell Camera: Propels a faster sale by 5.1 days, epitomizing modern-day security.
  • Heat Pump: Hastens sale by 3 days, offering energy-efficient heating solutions.

6. Exterior Excellence: Creating a Lasting First Impression Your home’s exterior is a silent ambassador, creating a lasting first impression that can significantly impact sale speed.

  • Fenced (Back)Yard: Speeds up sale by 2.9 days, offering both privacy and aesthetic appeal.


A Standing Ovation from Happy Home Sellers:

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“You know exactly what to expect. The list is long but it always gives you more money than if you did not do it. She is such an expert on this!”

Ryan & Melissa


In the bustling realm of real estate, preparation isn’t just key; it’s the secret sauce behind my track record of consistently selling homes quickly and at top dollar. The difference often lies in the details – those minor touch-ups and strategic enhancements that catch a potential buyer’s eye. As your listing agent, you won’t be venturing into this journey blindly. I’ll equip you with a thorough ‘honey-do-list’ well ahead of time. So when your home finally graces the market, it does so with a bang, ensuring you pocket the value you truly deserve. Here’s to a successful 2024 and a home sale that’ll have you smiling all the way to the bank!