"You know exactly what to expect. The list is long but it always gives you more money than if you did not do it. She is such an expert on this!"


Ryan & Melissa

Working with Medra in finding our home was nothing short of phenomenal.

She has years of experience that provided us with a lot of perspective in this new wave of house buying.


Overall, having Medra as our realtor was definitely an asset in this current housing market.

She keeps herself updated and well informed. We would definitely highly recommend her to friends and family."

Barrett & May

Medra is the most professional, knowledgeable and responsive real estate agent I have ever worked with. She recently helped us sell our third home and exceeded every expectation. She takes the time to understand her client, their needs and goals. She sets in motion a plan to not just sell a home but to walk alongside her clients through every step of the process. I value her honesty, council and friendship. If I ever have to buy or sell another home, there is only one person I will work with, Medra!

Rob R.

"Medra is the best realtor I've worked with. She's the definition of expert in the industry.

She's prompt, professional, and a masterful negotiator. She has deep knowledge of the greater Denver metro area which is helpful as you both look to sell or purchase a new home - both of which she supported me with - both during the pandemic. I can't recommend Medra enough!"

Amanda T.

"Medra reached out to real estate agents and personally vetted them for us. She was absolutely correct in her assessment and in just one weekend we were under contract on the new home working with the agent that Medra had recommended. We cannot emphasize enough how much of a time saver Medra’s help was in having an agent ready to assist us."

Hassan C. & Rita Z.

This is the third transaction we’ve done with Medra, and she is amazing. We were out of state when our home was being prepared and going on the market, and she made us feel comfortable and informed during the entire process. The staging and marketing were beautiful, and even with lots of showings, we knew Medra would ensure everything was secured at the end of each day. She is a great communicator and negotiator while also being a lot of fun to work with. I would highly recommend Medra to anyone selling or buying, and would absolutely work with her again!

Jen & Jon A.

Medra is masterful at selling properties quickly for

top dollar and she provides more services than any real estate agent I’ve worked with. She walked me through every step preparing my home, cleaning, and staging. She scheduled service providers and kept everything running smoothly so that the property was ready to list quickly. I didn’t have a lot of free time or capacity to spend selling my home. I greatly appreciated that Medra took care of every aspect of the transaction so that I didn’t have to. She presented offers, amendments, and points of negotiation in a very straight forward manner, without any drama. Although selling a home can be very emotional, she helped me make wise decisions based on facts. Every time a challenge arose, she let me know what the challenge was and she suggested resolution.

Nicole S.

We had lived in our home about seven years and had no intentions of moving.   An unexpected job opportunity on the East Coast meant that within a very short time,  my husband started his new job, our daughter left for college, and we had to buy a home in the new location so my son could start high school.  This didn’t leave a lot of time to get our home ready to sell.  I contacted Medra who had helped us purchase our home.  While I knew she had been helpful with our home purchase, I had no idea of the effort she puts in to prepare a house for sale.  Medra immediately contacted landscapers, painters, cleaners, plumbers, electricians, and other service providers.  They all came out quickly, provided estimates, and started making everything beautiful. 

Now that I’m on the east coast, Medra has been great in communicating with us.  She updates us on things that need to be done at the house, arranges for lawn care, sprinkler servicing, and other maintenance, and meets the service providers at our house.  Medra also helped arrange donations of remaining items in our home, and even helped me fill my dumpster!    

The process since I moved out of state has been seamless.  I know Medra is taking care of all the details, allowing me to settle into my new home.  Without Medra’s help I would STILL be getting the house ready for sale.  Instead, I was able to  move to the new home and join my family.


When we decided to move to the Charlotte area, we needed a Realtor quickly. Medra understood exactly the type of personality we would require and she delivered!

In this market we knew our North Carolina homebuying process would be entirely virtual and we would have to rely 100% on our Realtor's experience and local contacts. We were confident throughout the homebuying process that we had an amazing team working on our behalf!

Medra was instrumental in finding a local Realtor with exceptional knowledge of the region and significantly different real estate rules and processes in NC.

Amy & Kenny