Uncategorized February 13, 2024

The Keep- Sedalia’s Exclusive Enclave

Nestled in the heart of Sedalia, Colorado, lies a unique and awe-inspiring residential community that redefines luxury living in harmony with nature: The Keep. This exclusive enclave, spread across 1,100 acres of pristine Colorado landscape, is more than just a place to call home—it’s a testament to a lifestyle deeply rooted in respect for the environment and the storied heritage of the land.

With only 64 homesites ranging from 4 to 10 acres each, The Keep offers unparalleled privacy and an intimate living experience that is increasingly rare. Here, every homesite presents breathtaking views of the Front Range, set against a backdrop of ponderosa pines, gambel oak, rolling plains, and vibrant wildflower meadows. The Keep is a sanctuary where the beauty of Colorado is not just observed but truly lived.

The ethos of The Keep is firmly grounded in a reverence for the land, a principle that has guided the development of this community from its inception. This commitment is embodied in the partnership with the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation. A portion of the sale of every residential property at The Keep goes to the Foundation, ensuring its operations and conservation efforts continue in perpetuity. In return, homeowners enjoy special access to the breathtaking Cherokee Ranch and Castle, a privilege that connects them to the rich history and natural beauty of the area.

The legacy of The Keep is intertwined with the remarkable vision of Tweet Kimball, a philanthropist and art collector who, in 1954, transformed Cherokee Ranch with the construction of the Cherokee Castle. Under her stewardship, the ranch expanded to encompass 4,500 acres, becoming a haven for wildlife and a center for conservation. Her commitment to preserving the land’s natural beauty and wildlife has left a lasting impact, ensuring that over 16,000 acres remain open and untouched. This dedication to conservation means that residents of The Keep are part of a community where the wild inhabitants of the area, from elk to mountain lions and nearly 60 species of birds, thrive alongside them.

Living in The Keep is about more than just enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature; it’s about being part of a community that values sustainability, privacy, and access to a lifestyle that embraces the best of Colorado. With 745 acres of protected open space, residents experience a perfect balance between community and solitude, all within a gated reserve that is the only portion of Tweet Kimball’s legendary Cherokee Ranch entrusted for residential development.

Beyond the natural wonders, The Keep is ideally located to offer everything one could need or want. The community is conveniently situated near shopping, dining, and recreational activities, ensuring that residents have easy access to the amenities that make life enjoyable. Families at The Keep benefit from exceptional educational opportunities, with access to three public schools that rank among the top in Colorado, all within the Douglas County School District. Whether it’s golfing, hiking, or indulging in some of the best cuisine the Denver area has to offer, The Keep places residents at the threshold of Colorado’s abundant offerings.

In crafting their dream home at The Keep, residents are embraced by the spirit of personalization and choice. Whether they have a trusted builder in mind or wish to explore options, The Keep accommodates their preferences. Residents are welcome to bring their own builder to realize their vision of perfect living spaces or connect with one of the esteemed builders currently laying foundations within the community. The roster of builders includes Alliance Builders, Sterling Custom Homes, Signature Custom Homes, Sienna Custom Homes, Fletemeyer Homes, and Gray Construction. Each builder brings a wealth of experience, dedication to craftsmanship, and a deep respect for the natural beauty that defines The Keep. These builders have been carefully selected for their ability to blend luxury living with the land’s inherent splendor, ensuring that each home is not just constructed but thoughtfully integrated into its surroundings. By offering this flexibility, The Keep ensures that the homes of its residents will not only meet but exceed their highest expectations, creating havens that reflect their unique styles and the unparalleled spirit of Colorado.

The Keep is not just a place to live; it’s a legacy of conservation, a commitment to luxury living in harmony with nature, and a community where the spirit of Colorado is alive and well. It represents a unique opportunity to be part of something truly special, a place where the reverence for the land and the beauty of life come together in perfect harmony. Welcome to The Keep, where your Colorado dream home awaits.